Small Wine Rack (Bespoke Sizes Available)


This Wine Rack is a great gift and looks superb in any kitchen or dining room.  The standard size of the Wine Rack is 50cm Wide, although we can also provide in sizes bespoke to you.  In this size it holds 5 bottled or 4 glasses. We can provide any Cuprinol shades.


Why Use Pallet Wood For Furniture?

  • Pallet Wood Is Long Lasting & Hard Wearing
  • Pallet Wood Is Easily Customisable
  • Pallets Are Versatile So We Can Make The Furniture You Need

What Type Of Furniture Do We Make?

We Produce Bespoke Pieces For Specific Projects That Maybe Commercial Or Domestic

We Also Produce:

Beds / Seating / Garden Furniture / Outdoor Furniture / Tables / Shelves & Much More


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Standard Size 50cm Wide

Holds 5 Bottles and 4 Glasses

Bespoke sizes are available

Any Cuprinol garden shades available

🚛  Delivery Time Up To 3 – 5 Working Days

😊 Customer Service Is Priority

⭐️ The Best Pallet Furniture Around

🌎 Environmentally Friendly




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