Garden Corner Lounger with Table and Bench


Rustic garden corner lounger with table made from pallet to a high standard and would look great in any Garden size 2100mm x 3700, Table size 1100mm x 1000mm, Bench size 1000mm x 700mm. But we can make any size you require and you can have it also oil, stain, or paint.

Why Use Pallet Wood For Furniture?

  • Pallet Wood Is Long Lasting & Hard Wearing
  • Pallet Wood Is Easily Customisable
  • Pallets Are Versatile So We Can Make The Furniture You Need

What Type Of Furniture Do We Make?

We Produce Bespoke Pieces For Specific Projects That Maybe Commercial Or Domestic

We Also Produce:

Beds / Seating / Garden Furniture / Outdoor Furniture / Tables / Shelves & Much More


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Garden size 2100mm x 3700

Table size 1100mm x 1000mm

Bench size 1000mm x 700mm

Any Cuprinol garden shades available

🚛  Delivery Time Up To 2 Weeks

😊 Customer Service Is Priority

⭐️ The Best Pallet Furniture Around

🌎 Environmentally Friendly


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